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Friday, December 28, 2007

12 28 07

Today, the Comcast technician came to install the cable on our new 50” plasma. Turns out I’ve been paying for high def and it wasn’t even hooked up. I’m getting reimbursed $37 dollars. Big deal! Better than nothing! Jasmine really liked him.

Talking to Evelyn on Myspace IM. She was a bit upset cause his brother is staying with her. They are not having the greatest time. She was crying, but she quickly got over it. We spent about 2 hours via web cam. It’s fun when we get to do that. Yesterday, the Healthy families’ lady came by. We sat down at the kitchen and had coffee. She thought Alex was a fatty mcfatso. Jasmine has been so clingy lately. She is definitely jealous.

I’ve been working hard at taking down Christmas. I should be done today. Bianca had surgery yesterday (tonsillectomy), but she came out just fine. Ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Where do I sign up?

Jasmine has been taking her naps lately at one thirty in the afternoon. It is certainly hard for me to wait so long to put her to bed, but if I don’t, she’ll stay awake, crying for me from her crib. I made an appointment for my ten year old dog, Vicky, at the vet’s office. Her K9s are abscessed. Poor girl!

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