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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture day with Santa Claus!

Another year, another Santa! Last year's Santa Clause was much prettier. But, they can't all be winners!

Today was Alexander's first month doctor's appointment. On my way there, I called Francisco who was in the Plaza Las Americas parking lot, fighting with other drivers. He then realized, while on the phone with me, that he was the one drivingt the wrong way. Too funny. He told me that the Christmas present he sent me was from Afghanistan. I already knew that, but he told me the earrings he sent for me were real saphire and emerald. Wow, THAT I didn't know!

My friend Emilse went to work today even though I had told her that I was gonna come over. Thank God Steven and I had decided not to go anyway. Instead we went to the mall to take Santa Pics...

Steven gave me my Christmas present early. This morning he gave me a beautiful, super portable, blue 8.3 MP Fujifilm Digital Camera. I love him. I felt a little bad cause I'd been giving him a hard time about some missing receipts. Since I've been keeping track of our finances, I'm like the receipt nazi. He finally handed me the receipt I'd been nagging him about. It contained the digital camera which is why he was hiding it.

Pay day tomorrow Wooo Hooo!

Alex is one month old and I'm already dieting. I want a tummy tuck so bad. Steven asked me if beauty is worth my life. At this point, i'd have to say yes.

Last night, we watched the movie 'In Pursuit of Happiness.' Steven and I were so affected by it because of the whole father-son thing. He was such a good daddy. I cried, and I know Steven wanted to cry also, but all he kept saying was..."I don't know why but this movie is killing me. It's diffrent when you have kids."

Steven also mentioned how he was totally stressing about money when he was about to start school. The prospect of not working for two and a half years made him sick. I'm sure getting divorced and being threatened to be ruined financially didn't help much with his anxiety either. "Being broke sucks" he said.

I've been talking to Evelyn a lot. She's 28 weeks pregnant now.

Alex weighed 9 lbs and is now 21 1/2 inches. He got a prescription for a blocked tear duct.

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