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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

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Happy New Year!!!

What a night! Alex woke up at 3AM and never fully went back to sleep! Jasmine woke up and it was time to start the day! One healthy egg white breakfast later and we were on our way to start the day. The plumbers arrived at around 10am and started working on the leak that never ends. LOL! Same two guys as last time! He apologized for not searching for the leak the first time around, which only tells me that he’s not gonna charge anything for the second visit. Right? Not the case! They charged me $125.00 minus my $25 coupon; it ended up being $100. But that was not the end of our story. As they left, Steven texted me and asked if they fixed the plastic pipe he nailed AGAIN by MISTAKE! I had to call the company and they drove back. We voided the first invoice and started a new one. Just fifty dollars more, thankfully!

Yesterday, because Steven was off, we went to Walmart to buy a couple of things but ended up buying a LOT more than expected. Christmas stuff was 75% off. You just can’t say no to that! LOL! We also finally got Jasmine a new DVD player for her playroom. She destroyed the other one pushing buttons all the time. Turns out that the DVD player she broke was from when that technology first came out and it had cost like $400.00. That’s really funny because we paid $27.00 for the one we bought yesterday. Same thing is going to happen to Blue Ray Disc DVD players. It’s a miracle that the actual DVDs themselves have not gone down in price. They sometimes cost as much as the actual DVD players!

I think my poor Alex is sick! He sounds really muffled when he cries. I will keep an eye on him today and take him to the pediatrician tomorrow since I have to go see my midwife at 2pm anyway. I sure hope he’s OK.

Mom flew back from Puerto Rico today. She didn’t have such a great time, which makes me glad we chose not to go! Alex was too small anyway…

We spent New Year’s Eve at Margaret’s new house. Second holiday there! Thanksgiving was there also. It was fun! I spent the entire night playing cards. I finally learned how to play canasta (basket LOL). Great game!!!

I had to put Jasmine down for a nap one hour and twenty minutes early today because she was extremely irritable. Temper temper!!! Thank God for naps! Of course, the moment she laid down for a nap, Alex woke up from his! It’s like a cruel joke someone’s playing on me, except there are no hidden cameras!!!

“Night Night” is one of Jasmine’s new words, as well as “libro,” “cereal” accompanied by sign language for cereal, it’s amazing to see; “pinta” which means paint in Spanish, “jugo” which means juice, “socks,” “bobo” which means pacifier in Spanish, “pasas” which means raisins in Spanish, “papas” which means french fries in Spanish, and “amo” which means I love you in Spanish…

Doing good for 19 months!!!

A few days back we thought Alex might be suffering from colic, but Steven changed his formula and he hasn’t been too bad! I love how hands on a father he is! My prediction is that Alex will have blue eyes and will look a LOT like Steven. He doesn’t look like anyone now, but he will!!!

I have so many pictures to post on my blog, that I’ll just start with this entry! We’ll see what flows after this!!!

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