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Monday, November 13, 2006

Jasmine and mommy time !!!

Lately our Jasmine turns whenever she hears my voice. She reacts to sounds with a curious gaze to see where they came from. I think she even started recognizing her own name now, too. When I talk, she stares at my mouth and looks like she is trying to imitate me. Whenever I talk to her in Spanish, she looks at me and smiles. Sometimes she laughs out loud pretty hard when I'm talking even if I'm not talking to her. When I'm occupied with other things, my baby starts to babble and squeal as if calling me to say, "Hey! Talk to me! I'm here!"

It's pretty gratifying for me after the many hours of hard work I've logged in taking care her. Our relationship started pretty one-sided and it continued like that for a while. Now, its beginning to blossom into a pretty interactive relationship. More and more often, I feel like dropping everything to just to get down on the floor to have fun with my baby. She loves it when I pick her up, but I think I love it more.

This week, we are going to Indiana, to visit the Burketts and the Radtkes. It's a shame that my Steven can't accompany us. We will certainly miss him. I just know they're just gonna eat Jasmine up over there. Pictures will probably be posted soon from the trip. Til then !!!

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