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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jasmine trying out her new big girl bed!

Today, Wilma invited Jasmine and I to lunch. She came over to drop something off, and we left from my house. It was almost time for Jasmine's nap, but I didn't want to turn down an invitation. Jasmine ate a big lunch and on our way back, she fell asleep. A five minute nap in the car can ruin a two hour nap that's considered ME time. I love it when she takes a nap, but I called my friend Evelyn as I was approaching my house, then I looked back, and she was out. I carried her upstairs and decided to put her down in her big girl bed, just to see what her reaction would be when she woke up.

I carefully took off her boots and unzipped her coat (it was cold and windy) and she didn't even move. She was so tired. Not tired enough to sleep the scheduled two hours I was hoping for.

She woke up crying like a crazy woman, I gave her another bottle and put her in her crib. She stayed there for another hour but never did fall back asleep. Of course, by 7pm, she was extremely grumpy, and Steven was not here to offer relief from parenting duties. He was on call, and got called back into work about an hour and a half after he got home. He was very upset and didn't get home until about 8pm. I had a hard time falling asleep. The movie Sixteen Candles kept me awake til midnight. The gigantic human being living inside me didn't help much either.

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