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Thursday, July 14, 2005


This last weekend, we went to Miami with my two brothers and my mother. Steven drove on our way down because he thinks my mother's driving is a little bit terrible.It was a good drive due to the fact that everyone was trying to get the hell out of there and we were the only morons trying to get in because the Florida Keys was being evacuated due to Hurricaine Dennis. By the way, the Chicago Cubs vs. the Florida Marlins game was awesome. It was in Pro Player Stadium (we got lost thanks to me on our way there). It was a super hot Saturday. Really humid. Cubs won, of course (8-2). Afterwards, as we walked down to the parking lot, there were men unloading this COCA COLA ZERO truck and they were just handing them out for free. Jose, Steven, Junito, and I, each got two six packs. We went to Taco Bell after the game even after eating nachos and gyros. There was a song playing on the speaker, "I knew I loved you before I met you" by the Backstreet Boys and mom said that that was the song she needed to sing for Craig (her boyfriend). Junito took the oportunity and started mocking her by singing the song with a very thick puertorrican accent. It went a little something like this:"I KNEW I LOVE CHOO BEFOL I MET CHOO..." You get the idea. This little joke was followed by Steven's food all over the table. He couldn't stand it and burst out laughing. I was surprised that Diet Pepsi didn't come out of his nose. Then we went to the hotel and crashed.

Next morning, was JOSE DAY. Everything was about him. HOSE-A wanted to go to the mall and we did. We found Aventura Mall. Pretty big but too expensive. To continue with Jose Day tradition, we wanted everything in the Mall but without spending his $30.00. On Jose Day, everything you want for under thirty dollars, tax included. Then we ended up eating at this burger place that was extreeeemely expensive, when we could have eaten at Little Havana. We went to see the movie "The Fantastic 4" and it was fantastic. It made the trip fantastic.

Rightbefore going into the movie, Steven gathered us and declared Jose Day a success. A fantastic success. We played arcades right before going in and we waited for mom, who in following mom tradition, was late for the movie. Craig was supposed to come, then didn't come, changed his mind, then didn't come again but at last he declared he would drive down and visit with us, but he changed his mind yet again. Mom was a little bummed out but Jose Day made it all better. Fantastic actually. During the drive down to the hotel after the Mall, Jose day was ruined when he felt like reminiscing our good times with dad. He was acting just like him. Then, we declared the next hour as Junito Hour. We went to the hotel and took naps. Later, we got dressed AGAIN, and went to dear old Little Havana.

We sat down and Jose, still thinking its JOSE DAY, ordered a lobster that he didn't even feel like eating and that mom ended up paying $23.00 for. Steven and I shared a plate of Bistec Encebollado. Just as good as we remember it. We took pictures and had a good time. Left and on with the next day.

Monday, after going down for our continental breakfast, we decided to leave early. MOM was to drive now because Steven felt that studying was more important than his life. I fell asleep on his lap for about an hour and a half and before I knew it, we were in Orlando where we chose to stop in Taco Bell for the third time during our trip. CRUNCHWRAP SUPREME is Godsent. It is soooooooooo good.

At this point, we leave Taco Bell, put gas, and right as we are 2 seconds from home, she realizes she doesn't have her phone. SURPRISE, SURPRISE. When it comes to phones, keys, and wallets; Steven, mom, and I are PROS at losing them. So we turn around. Back to Taco Bell. YES, they had it. Later, Steven couldn't find his wallet and he had a fit. But, he found it. NOW, we were home, and chilling. Pretty much how the weekend went. NOT BAD for Florida.


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