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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Potty training a child is not an easy task to take on!

Three days ago, I decided to OFFICIALLY start potty training Jasmine!

It has not been easy, and I think its safe to say I have made absolutely no progress! At this very moment, she is walking around naked, and crying, because she was sitting on her high chair and had an accident. I can't be mad, but she is beside herself...and now, I can't get her to put her pants back on!!! Thankfully, Alex is taking a good nap, and I am able to ignore Jasmine until she's done having a conniption.

2:47PM Back to sitting on the potty! We'll see what happens!

I just finished having some early dinner, or late lunch maybe. I made Chicken Stew with White Rice. No chance of Steven coming home early today since he came home early yesterday. We filed our taxes yesterday, finally...very happy with our return, although we won't enjoy any of it. Student loans need to be paid off, etc...

2:58PM Nothing yet. I'm almost certain I'll be cleaning the floor very soon.

2:59PM I just finished cleaning the floor. I didn't even finish the previous sentence and I heard a stream behind me. She is still recovering from yet another conniption. I don't think she understands why there's liquid coming out of her. Maybe I should lign the entire house with newspapers, like when you're training a puppy!

3:02PM Jasmine just went to check out the place she soiled. She is amazed that there's nothing there. She must wonder if it was all a figment of her imagination.

3:14PM Nothing yet!

3:33PM I noticed Jasmine went pee pee on her princess chair!

3:57PM I think it's time to put a diaper on!!!

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