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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Twenty-five dollars too late...

Yesterday, I was trying to upload all the pictures that I want to post on my blogspot onto my photobucket account ( but I couldn't because supposedly I had reached my limit of 1,000 images. I was recommended to pay a $25 fee in order to upgrade to a Pro Account. After doing that, I realized that the problem was not the limit of 1,000 images, it was the limit of my album. I can put 10,000 images for free onto photobucket, but only 1,000 images per album. I sent an email to them and they explained it to me:

There is a limit of 1000 images and/or videos per album for every account. This is different than the amount of space available for a Photobucketaccount. You can create multiple albums (sub albums) in an account and can upload as many images and videos as you like as long as the total space used is not more than 1 GB for free accounts and 5 GB for Pro accounts. You will need to create a sub album and upload additional images into that.

Please see the following forum thread for more details on creating and using a sub album.

Your Photobucket Support Team

And of course, I know this, $25.00 too late.

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